Sharon Hosking

Registered Osteopath, BAppSc (HB), MOst

As a 5 year old, I regularly suffered from Migraines. Over time my headaches began to affect my schooling and ability to enjoy daily life. My parents decided to try a local osteopath to give me relief. The treatments worked, changed my life and had a lasting effect on me.

During my three pregnancies osteopathic treatments gave me relief from back ache, sciatic pain and other ailments that occurred during changes to my body. Having had assisted deliveries and unsettled babies once again I turned to osteopathy for help. And once again the treatments proved highly effective and enhanced my life.

In October 1996 a Milk Tanker collided with a vehicle I was in and left me with extensive injuries down my right side, neurological issues and my migraines returned. Osteopathic treatment accelerated my recovery and again alleviated my migraines.

My personal experience gave me a strong belief in what Osteopathy had to offer: structural alignment, pain relief, physical balance and to enhance the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and reinstate harmony and good health. This inspired me to become an Osteopath.

Now after many years practicing as a Registered Osteopath and Tutoring at Unitec, I am passionate about what I do. I believe it works and have great gratitude and satisfaction helping others to become pain free. Osteopathy is a challenging and rewarding profession …… I love it.