A happy ending to a young boy's nightmares

When Suzy Hansen brought her son to Greenlane Osteopathy, it was to try and alleviate knee problems he had been experiencing. But during the initial treatment, Suzy also mentioned that her son had been having a lot of trouble sleeping – which was very of out of character for a child who normally ‘slept like a log’. This is her story in her own words. Sharon Hosking, Greenlane Osteopathy.

Sharon did wonders for my son. He had been waking in the night with nightmares for weeks following a burglary. In all honesty, seeking the help of an osteopath wouldn’t have been on my radar, but after talking it through with Sharon I decided to give it a go.

And the results, well, they were nothing short of staggering. After just one session with Sharon, my boy had a miraculous turn around with the nightmares ending immediately. Plus we all got some much needed sleep back!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sharon at Greenlane Osteopathy, she has a wonderful natural ability with children and her treatments really do work.

Suzy Hansen