Migraine relief has made all the difference

Phillipa Webb came to Greenlane Osteopathy after living with a life of migraine pain. It is very rewarding to give her relief from these debilitating headaches and reduce the episodes that occur. This is her story in her words. Sharon Hosking, Greenlane Osteopathy.

I am a 47 year old woman and have suffered from debilitating migraines my entire life. Every few months or so I go through several days in a row where I go to sleep feeling fine but wake in the morning with a pounding headache down one side which stretches into my neck and shoulder. There is no medication that can touch it and life is pretty miserable during those episodes.

My GP suggested that I see Sharon at Greenlane Osteopathy. I was a bit sceptical as I wasn't really sure what osteopathy was, but I definitely needed to try something new. After several days of waking up to head, neck and shoulder pain, one treatment from Sharon and the pain was gone, replaced by a sensation of looseness through my neck and shoulder and a general feeling of relief and euphoria that something had finally worked.

Although I still suffer from these episodes, I now know that there is relief to be had by going to see Sharon.

Sharon is very friendly and ensures that you know what is happening and why throughout the treatment. She gladly answers any questions that I ask her and is obviously passionate about her profession. I have recommended her services to friends, family and workmates who have also experienced positive results.  

Phillipa Webb